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Bobby Vegas

“Why I love Vegas”

Ever blown the night shifter reverse lock out collar repair kit escaping the city almost Lost (zombie) Angels flew the starkly gorgeous desert scape?

Found yourself standing still @ 120 in the timeless beauty million year old landscape? Ever

gambled all 36 hours straight nothing but Vegas Jonesing and caffeine still up having breakfast

at 3 am at Ellis Island’s legendary diner hey !” Weekend hookers from Albuquerque an’ Cirque performers hungering after show this IS MY PLACE !“


Seen Cher and Andrew Dice Clay on the same night bumped into Flavorflav
at Benihana’s with his 6 ft Nordic dream date ( ? )
while your sales bro is harassing the SouxChef who’s preparing your meal with flashing knives in your face ?

Been to an early am AA meeting catching your dealers off their graveyard shift ?

“ We’re just here for the free coffee mate “

Watched a rhythm roller from Jersey @ Gold Coast makin’ the dice sing a slow sweet song over and over,

“ Come on easy 8 make it HARD EIGHT !!

Calling Big Red on the come out! Got it ! Hop the Ballerina can’t be sweeter.

Ever lost your mind danced dawn till your frozen in time ski’d Mt. Charleston

rocked the Red Rocks hiked the block fleed to Fremont ?

Watched a whale drop a quarter mil @ the Wynn and walk off for a soda… what?
Fallen for the pit boss she who rescued you from a blood sugar drop?

Naw ?
Thass a right go home tourist
leave it to the mean streeters the odds tweakers

get on your bird home hungover I got a pocket full and you got a t shirt

Love you Vegas baby love you my sweet sinful straight no chaser still 3 decades later
been there done that sit tay by the forever gone forever sea was no more

love you baby

you’re mine Vegas

always will b

that why they call me Bobby V mate and


Calling all Vegas centric hip hop artists and rappers.

Check out Bobby Vegas’ spoken word “Why I love Vegas”.

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With over 25 years of successful Vegas jaunts for business and all sorts of pleasure,
Bobby Vegas is a premier source of knowledge and stories for you on how to:
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lose less,
and have a great time with lower risk on your next trip to Vegas.

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"If Life Ain't All Rainbows and Unicorns, One Rainbow Is All You Need" by Bobby Vegas

This is Commander Vegas speaking. Proceed directly to Rainbow. Pass the Strip and all the other crummy games and hustles. Wander down an old main street starting to come alive.

It’s sure not hard these days to see that life isn’t all rainbows and unicorns, but I’m pretty sure there’s still gold at the end of Water Street in Henderson after getting my new monthly mailer. Yes, I was bemoaning the reduction of the super-lucrative points conversion and possible loss of my weekly free meal, so I was very pleasantly surprised to get both this month.

Your assignment (should you choose to accept it) will be to earn lots of tickets for the 7:15 p.m. drawing on June 26 for one of four pairs of Las Vegas Aces courtside tickets at Rainbow (worth $2,000 each) or the June 27 drawing for one of four sets of Rod Stewart tickets for his July 27 show (worth $700+) at Emerald Island.

I’m telling you now, so you have all month to earn tickets. You think I’m sexy now, people?

As outlined in previous posts, at these drawings, I often see them running through multiple names before they get a winner. People don’t show up and the barrel isn’t very big. You have eight chances in two drawings to win.

A month or so ago, they gave away four Rolex watches.

Use your $64 worth of MRB coupons for two free wheel spins and a 2-for-1 at Rainbow’s Triple B café (yes, you can use that with points … stacking!).

Your further assignment will be to play positive-expectation (or very close) games during high multiplier periods. Stop after these periods end and have a handmade milkshake for the points equivalent of $4, which should take you about 10 minutes to earn. If you’re really hungry, treat yourself to any of the Triple B daily specials for the points equivalent of $9, which should take you less than 30 minutes to earn or less during 25x, 50x, and OMG 100x earning periods.

Playing and hungry after 10 p.m. or before 7 a.m.? Emerald Island diner is open 24/7. Try Anthony’s fave, the one-pound hamsteak special breakfast. I take home the ham and biscuits for snacks later.

I’ll post this article on with the incredible 25x, 50x, and on Friday evenings 10-10:30 p.m. 100x points multiplier schedule. That makes the lame Jacks or Better at the Rainbow bar 99.88%. Add in your MRB wheel spin, extra cash, gifts, ticket drawings, and yes, it’s a positive play, baby.

I’ve played lots of VP games at Emerald Island that ended up earning multiplier points. (Refer to VPfree2 for the game details). You’re earning comps, at an amazing rate. Gift days and contest credits are earned only on base points, but you need only 200. And if you’re a new signup, they’ll give you another food comp too. Wheel spins Thursday, Friday, and Saturday as well as free ice cream each evening and extra free cash.

That you’re doing point multipliers during free wheel spins while earning comp dollars at a ridiculous rate and base points for tickets all at the same time — wait! I have to sit down, my head is spinning.

Okay, I just called casino promotions for clarifications. On the 26th they’re giving away four sets of two courtside tickets for the back-to-back world-champion Las Vegas Aces at Rainbow. On the 27th four sets of two tickets for Rod Stewart at Emerald Island.

We’re looking forward to hearing who won tickets or went to the game or show.

Pinky Ring update "The beat goes on" by Bobby Vegas

I’m back in Vegas, it’s beautiful, and I’m killing it on the dance floor.
Standing at the bar, a lovely asks,
“I saw you dancing. Wow. Are you with the band?”
Next some guy offers to buy my hat for $100.
It seems I’ve become the unofficial house dancer at Bruno Mars’ Pinky Ring.

Though Bruno announced in his Saturday late-night set,
“It’s not The Pinky Ring. It’s The Panky Rang.”

If you missed my article or Anthony and Andrew’s post-Super Bowl YouTube video, where I strongly encouraged you to high-tail it over to the “Panky Rang” and missed the super value play, believe me, in the world of Vegas club experiences, this is still so far above the rest, ya gotta go.

Everyone I’ve met there have been staggered by hanging with Mr. 24 K Magic,
rockin’ it in his super-intimate ultra-posh penthouse lounge.
(You never know if he’s there until, well, he’s there, but hint: Hooligans.) Remember, max capacity is an insanely tiny 186, so maybe 170 get in.
And on busy nights, there’s a line.

If you come in between 5 and 8 p.m there’s no table minimum — again, amazing by Vegas club standards.
From 8 p.m. on, you’re buying the table for the night. This is a very good thing.

Depending on whether the Hooligans (and possibly Bruno) are playing or the Diamonds, the rates change. You can get a table for two for $150, the minimum. But with the Hooligans on stage, it jumps to $300-$700.
A larger table for 6 to 8 is $1,000 or more. Still a great value by Vegas club standards.

If you want to meet the man, be respectful. Don’t bum rush his space, as Carl and Michael, Bruno’s security, will stop you cold with THEIR pinky.

But do tell Baez, the host at the door, that Bobby Vegas sent you. Please.

The DJs spin around the band, who play at least two sets starting at 9 or 10.
The Hooligans do mostly jazz and funk for the first set, then more soul, funk, pop and disco (my fave) the second set.
If Bruno joins them, he plays maybe four songs.

I grew up on “Soul Train,” so believe me when I say that when Bruno sings, Marvin Gaye it’s nothing less than amazing.

I bumped into a big guy at the bar who I thought was gonna break down and cry. “I been comin’ to Vegas forevah! An’ I never seen anything like this this we did shots with Bruno, man! Shots!”

Bringing this back to LVA, is the Pinky Ring still a value play? Let me answer a question with a question.

If two orchestra seats at Bruno’s Dolby Live show at Park MGM set you back $600-$700 smackolas, is it worth spending $700-$1,000 to hang with the man in his very own lounge, living the 24 K magic live?
Your other half will love you forever and you’ll talk about it for years.
So if you can’t figure that out, please just go back to where you come from.

Oh, and the final secret? SRO is still free, if you can get in. So get in, early.

Bobby Vegas for The Las Vegas Advisor

"Dreams do come true in Vegas" by Bobby Vegas

People come to Vegas often wanting to fulfill a fantasy, such as winning a million, living the high life, or experiencing their favorite celebrity. Well, here’s mine.

Let’s dream big — like hanging out with superstar Bruno Mars in a posh bar and lounge he curated. One that feels like some luxe fantasy-penthouse sunken living room in the round, saturated with some out-of-this-world live and DJ music and then (heck, let’s go for broke) toss in dancing with Janelle Monae and her friends on an intimate carpeted dance floor.

Oh wait. I did that. On a Monday night no less. With a few close friends —
maybe 200 of them.

This is Vegas, baby! At. Its. Best.

Monday wasn’t just the day after the Super Bowl. It was opening night of Bruno’s ultra-lounge, the Pinky Ring, at Bellagio. And as a major Bruno fan, I had to be there. No matter what.

For those not in the know, “Pinky Ring” is from Mars’ iconic worldwide smash hit “24K Magic” and the now-unforgettable line, “Players, put your pinky rings up to the moon! Girls, what yoa’ll trying ta do?”

You can go rock with the Super Bowl champions and Marshmello. Fine with me. This, however, is my fantasy come true and as Bruno declared on Monday, “This is it! And you’re never gonna hear anything like the Hooligans. I’ve traveled all around the world with these guys and they are tight!”

No doubt.

I was shocked and incredibly excited to learn that Bruno Mars was going to bring his own personal style to a venue that’s so special and intimate, it’s hard to believe that the Master of 24K Magic was sitting a mere 30 feet away, while we mortals got down to some fantastic beats blasting out of his killer band.

The super-tight Hooligans run the gamut from jazz-infused funk jams to epic covers, from Curtis Mayfield and Michael Jackson to Motown classics or Cheryl Lynn’s “Got To Be Real.” And man, do they lay down the groove.

The pre-opening Saturday night was a private star-studded event with Janelle Monae singing “Tightrope” in a duet with Bruno, all while Lady Gaga, T Pain, and others rocked along.

Oh, did I mention all his Grammys are on display as you walk in?

Though there’s no guarantee Bruno will sing, he did two numbers on Monday, including Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It on.”

So beat feet to Bellagio and be sure you catch this stellar experience. The Hooligans are playing for two weeks, through Sunday the 25th. Other guests drop in, like Lady Gaga’s bandleader and horn player Brian Newman.

The Pinky Ring opens at 5 p.m. and closes at 2 a.m., 3 on the weekends. The music starts around 9. Arrive early for the great DJs and dancing, where you’ll find me. Tables for two or four go quickly. Seatings are for two hours and minimum spend is a ridiculously low $75 per person. And like his show, no phones or videos. What happens in the Pinky Ring stays in the Pinky Ring.

There’s some standing room only. And that, for now, is free.

Be there. You’ll never forget it.

"The inside track on the Derby" by Bobby Vegas

They say almost is good only in horseshoes, horse racing, and hand grenades, but if you don’t even place third in a horse race, are you still a winner?

Imagine you have a stable of good and in some cases excellent horses. You keep plowing your winnings back into them and end up with one of the most famous trainers in racing and Derby history and a chance for greatness with a young horse, Track Phantom. He’s winning and winning and has the points to make the Derby. You’re a hard-working risk-taking American with several successful green businesses and at the same time an insane love of horses and racing and here you are, livin’ the dream.

Meet Jerry Caroom, co-owner of Track Phantom.

I’ve known and worked with Jerry in the lighting business for years. I follow Jerry’s horses through my long-time sports betting friend Joe T, who I’ve mentioned many times in my Bobby Vegas posts. Joe T is the reason I first came to Vegas. And Joe has worked for Jerry for years.

Joe told me two months ago that Jerry’s horse Track Phantom was on his way to qualify for the Kentucky Derby. And he did.

Jerry had bought a futures ticket on Track Phantom that would pay seven figures for a win. I started trying to buy tickets on the Derby when I was in Vegas for the Super Bowl and the Pinky Ring opening.
I couldn’t find them. No one had any of the Derby futures. Not South Coast, Caesars, or MGM. Finally, Circa did. A crummy return only 10-1 on Track Phantom when it should have been double that, but at least I had a C-note ticket in the race.

Last week when I returned to Vegas, Circa had it at 24-1. I bought another.

This wasn’t advantage play. This was gambling — on a friend and his incredible horse.

Well, if you watched the Derby, you know that Track Phantom jumped outta that gate and led the pack for most of the race until he took a serious bump that knocked him back to 11th place, out of the 20 horses.

On the phone today, I said to Jerry, “Injustice at the Derby!”

Jerry, being Jerry, replied, “Well, I don’t know about injustice, but yeah, that was a serious bump. And if my jockey had listened to me to stay on the rail, well …”

The good news is, one of Jerry’s other horses won a $250,000 purse in another race, not a bad consolation prize.

It’s all about bein’ in the game and givin’ it all you got. On my nine-day trip that ended Friday, even though I lost money chasing a $11,750 positive-expectation progressive, I have many stories to tell about my further adventures with Bobby Wilson and his connection to Bruno Mars, as well as workin’ the casinos like a pro to get the comps and credit I deserve and more. I even met four people who read my blog!

It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it. If you’re not in the game, ya can’t win it. And if you are, something’s gonna stick. Nature of the beast.

"Why point multipliers are VIP Advantage Play" by Bobby Vegas

I love searching out Good Gamble often showing up in very unlikely places.

The changes at the newly combined Rainbow and Emerald Isle Casino
in Henderson as mentioned previously merged their monthly mailer
weekly food comps and have combined their Points Multipliers.
Some as high as 100X

First I eat at Rainbow’sTriple B, ( 5 Egg Western Omelet with perfect hash browns and an English muffin and Spaghetti and meatballs to go using an LV MRB 2 for 1 was $14.00
total..on points).And I timed it to play. during 25x.

I’m focused on Rainbows 25 x points multiplier periods using this
to win thousands of $’s and hundreds of dollars in comps all
while turning a negative expectation game into a positive.

25x Video poker is now at the bar.
Hadn’t played VP there because the schedules were mediocre
and 15 feet away were pos Exp DDB and other juicy games.

hmmm By adding 25x ( +2.5% )to their crummy 9/5 Job went from
98.45 now..drumroll
100.95 % total return.. !! Earning 25 points PER HAND.

I played for awhile… but nearby had other plans..

An old fave slot machine Triple 7’s = (9 line penny games 20 lines or $1.80.)
bank of 3
And paying me 50 points per hand which is actually +2.75 %

I’ve played, run and watched this bank attempting to hit some very high 4 figure progressives. I am a net winner on these machines , and now the Progressive is at an all time high of $11,500
I didn’t hit the progressive but did win over $200 while earning thousands of points and more comp dollars..

Also played their lovely DDB FP 10 line and won $100 on a $2 bet. Its was my last hand and I only had $1.96
After I go over to Emerald Isle where a 50x promo was going on and then to the Rail Pass next door. I go there to place Sports bets at a very convenient Circa outpost.

I’d started receiving mailers from Rail Pass offering a weekly $7.50 food comp and some spin to win slot play ok I got the lowest $5 ( up to $500) and low And behold its my birthday and would I like some birthday comps? Sure ! Another $10 in Slot play and a $20 food comp !

Wow and I have not even played here maybe an hour.

I enjoyed their diner and played some fun VP and cash out with $13.75. a free brownie sunday, oh I had earned $2.00 in comps? Playing on their money ? ok..and saved he $20 to go to their itailian place soon. Look fun is free.
To me.
Now Gold Coast and all Boyd’s offer 10 x on Saturday
and Tuesday ( senior 55+ days and on Tuesday free bingo hey I will play free I mean why not!
Well that 10X? ( .05 x 10x= .5 + 99.54 =100.04 ! ) That now turns everything in their VP inventory from 96 JOB on up TB+, DW, etc to a 100% + game.. People… ! hit it.

“The Downtown Grand really is grand” by Bobby Vegas

Rule for the day “Stay where you want to stay, play where you want to play.”
Downtown Grand being my exception. Why? I generally don’t “play” for comps.
I scout for the best games. I do take all comps offered. I just don’t play for them.
Don’t want to be obligated to play 4 hours a day for a $100 room.

DG has so much value I’m tickled with the results. Whats so great ?

First Location, location. Walking access to 9 Fremont St. Casinos.
Exception I’m boycotting Golden Nugget, “Friends don’t let friends play Triple Zero Roulette”.

Hotel: DG has two towers, Gallery Tower is directly over the Casino.
The Grand Tower across the street is accessible by a walk way on the second floor.
Walk a few steps to the elevator, and voila! Casino!
Gallery Tower premium is $25. Grand Tower is less. Quieter too.
Rooms are Hilton Quality at an economy price. Glass Shower. 2 free Waters a day and in room coffee.
Yes the coffee shop has your half calf almond milk latte. I drink Coffee.
Also free wifi, alarms, safes, radio.

Great Free parking directly across the street. I roam from Summerlin to Henderson, freeway is 2 blocks away.

Food. Triple George is nice but I’m a simple guy. Enter.. Freedom Beat.

Freedom Beat Gamblers Special deal: Earn 25 points, ( $1 or $2 a point slots or VP ), print
out coupon @ the Promo Booth. Prime Rib dinner is $15 or half off an excellent full breakfast ends up being $6.50.

Whole menu’s a winner. Weekend brunch with live music, nothing over $20 like Crab Cake Benedict.
Prime Rib’s a very nice cut, seasoned crust, Au jus, homemade creamed mashed potatoes and grilled baby
broccolini, grilled mini carrots. $15. Boom.

Or breakfast, eggs to order, toast, fab potatoes, I choose the plump Turkey sausage. $6.50
And quick! Or get Flapjacks. Or the chicken breast dinner. Same sides as the prime rib and way under $10.
Ask Alyssa about the off menu desert.

Coupons – $100 in check in offers and use your LVA MRB’s.
$25 off $100 @ Triple George ( you’ll now have two).
$5 to $50 Matchplay. Go for $50. Strong suggestion Craps Pass line come out bet.
You’re favored on the 7. Go for it. Match play means you bet $50, if you win you get $100.
Play those every day. Everywhere. Getting paid two for one on a 50/50 bet is advantage play heaven.
For DG there are actually up to 4 match plays available.
Checking with the pit the rule @ DG is one Match play per “visit”. A visit is 24 hours.
You get one @ check in. One on sign up for Grand Rewards.
You have one LVA MRB and one from American Casino Guide. It’s a little hard to find so here’s the link )

Note: Don’t try using 2 or 3 at once you may get flagged. Don’t do that. It’s a very good deal and being greedy hurts you and everyone
( Ask Anthony what happens when hustlers ( not scufflers) scam coupons. Hint: Not Good. )
Be long term. Be friendly. You’ll stand out. “Hey look that guys not a drunk A*hole!” Assholes get 86’d.

Video Poker. Use to scout the best VP machines anywhere. It even tells where the machine is.
Then Jean Scott’s Frugal VP Scouting Guide, this lovely’s the same size as your MRB so they’re easy to carry in a jacket, pants pocket, or purse, which I do, but its a Satchel okay?
I’ve discovered, played and won so many great opportunities including DG. Thank you Jean.
Folks BUY THE GUIDE. It’s $20. That’s one free drink bar buy in.

The play? Furnace Bar center of the casino. Say hello to Jodi.
Play 9,5,4 Double Double Bonus Poker Progressive.
97.87% ain’t great, until the RF Progressive exceeds $1944 ( 100% ref. Page 18, Frugal VP Guide).
RF hits pretty much every week.. Reset is $1,250.
Separate progressives on 4 Aces, Four 2,3,4 with any A,2,3,4 & Four Aces with any 2,3,4. Reset $200.
There are over 25 machines playing into this. Its a winner.
The 4 of a kind progressives can add to the B/E and I’ve seen the 4 A w a 2,3,4 Progressive @ $800 +, WAY into positive territory.

Try playing the 100.17% DB @ 4 Queens and see if that doesn’t drive you insane I swear it NEVER hits and I really like 4 Queens too.

I’ve had a strategy bad beat to a Royal @ DG though I’ve hit many 4 of a Kind.
A trip early last year I’d ordered a $10 ( pre inflation) Prime Rib to go @ Freedom Beat late one night,( right before Alyssa closed ),
all while playing the VP progressive at Furnace Bar. Then…
“What if I hit while having this fine Prime Rib and dancing to this great Music Video ?”
and… wait … 4 Aces with a 2 kicker! Then 2 hookers sidled up asking if I wanted a good time.
I passed. They were a little scary and besides I had to finish my Prime Rib.

There are two craps table ( $5 and $10 ) plenty of card games, roulette, two E – Roulette areas, slots
even E Craps & $1 Blackjack. Table games are open 24/7 weekends and 11 AM to 3 AM weekdays M – Th.

Love Pizza Rock across the street. Try some “colorful” drinking @ Hogs and Heifers Saloon.
Mob Museum has a BOGO ticket offer @ check in. Hidden Speakeasy?

Best rate offer : Call Jennifer Lawhorn @ 702 719 5422. She’s better than online or the 800 I Prefer deals.
Example I only pay $10 a night resort fee, but she has to rate you for that.
Use your MRB for best rate and no resort fee on your first visit. Call Jennifer.

Remember, in looking for best deals sign up for everything, scout, get educated on your games of choice, be friendly, tip everyone and you’ll do fine.

See you @ the Grand, Bobby V


UPDATES to my Downtown Grand LVA blog post:

The Gamblers Prime Rib special is $15,
Not $15 off. All other items are 50% off the menu price.

Bobby is staying @ the Grand this last week.
The DDB VP Progressive hit around 4 am today just shy of Break Even.

Bobby once again hit two 4 of A Kinds and though he missed the Royal he had an amazing VP run all over town (over a dozen 4 of a K !) That absolutely made up for it

“Over the rainbow for Rainbow” by Bobby Vegas

An MRB Coupon Run is an adventure discovering hidden gems like Fat Choi @ Eureka, $1 Oysters at Palace Station, the Downtown Grand Prime Rib or El Cortez’ Siegels Wed Senior half off, South Point VP & buffet, or Ellis Island’s steak dinner.  And that’s just the food. VP is the gold.

I recently hit gold in Old Henderson on Water St. Still looks like an old West town coming back. There are 3 mini casino’s tucked in together, Rainbow, Emerald Island and Railroad Pass.
The first two are owned by the same management. Points are interchangeable.
Anthony is a fan of Emerald Island’s one pound Ham steak breakfast which I agree is awesome but I’m going out on limb here challenging the boss as Rainbow’s Triple B Diner is well, insanely great. We’ll get to that fine repast after the gaming okay?The game room is nice., gentle warm lighting, retro music very comfortable and VERY friendly staff that work VERY hard to keep you happy. Use your MRB Coupons here along with an incredibly generous sign up program.
First time I’m trying to figure out how to use all the free meal and other sign up comps and am just settling into some 10/6 DDB 99.96),(yes playing a positive expectation game with the points added in), and I hadn’t been playing 15 minutes when someone says, ”Bobby?” (..hunh.. uh oh )..
“Yes?” “We wanted to welcome you to Rainbow and just wanted you to know you’ve already earned a free meal comp. Can I get you a refill ? Some ice cream?”
I… well, I’m floored. I mean they search me out to give me a meal comp in my first 15 minutes of playing a 99.96 game? That’s NEVER happened before in 120 + casinos.

And the diner..Oh. My. God hand made shakes for $3.99 ? Almost everything under $10 and I literally am having a hard time using all the comps, free wheel spins, daily giveaways and hourly specials, and the games are very good. Then there’s their crazy point mutipliers.. 10x, 15x and get this
25 x points. Playing a $1.00 game that’s 25 points per spin or adding 2-1/2% onto your return. I checked and the only restriction is the DDB 99.96. All other VP qualifies.

Then stack a 50 off or two for one MRB with your points. How about house made Fettucini Alfredo with Steak strips ? That was “pricey”, $15. Most meals are $9.00. The awesome homemade Beef Stroganoff was huge. Couldn’t eat half of it. Love this place. My waistline not so much.
Okay I admit I like it for the $1,000+ on RF, SF VP .
More details on point multiplier hours, weekly free meal comp and the menu below.  But trust me this place is insanely great and worth the ride.  Next go to Emerald Island next door and repeat.  Sign up, great VP, free Meals, wheels spins and their diner is open 24 / 7.  And back to Rainbow I go.

Points multipliers at Emerald Island are even higher than Rainbow.

Pass is next door.  No good VP but go grab their tiny free slot sign up and free meal.
The key here is the Circa sports book outpost where I cash in tix or place my latest brilliant NFL futures hedge or parlay. Niiice.

When you sign up for Rainbow and Emerald Island you will get some very interesting coupons for some of the local places on Water St. Brewery, Pizza, Sushi, Fajitas, Euro Bakery and more USE THEM. This is a very cool town. Oh and a second Hockey league training up the street.
No too shabby.

Getting there or coming home go back via Green Valley or just shoot up the 515 as I do for a fast ride and if you want to stop at Boulder Station or Sams Town or others on the way be my guest. I am running this route from Downtown to Henderson a lot. Tell ‘em Bobby sent you.

“Self fulfilling prophecies” by Bobby Vegas

Ever heard friends coming to Vegas saying, “I’ve got $1,000 and
I’m going to play until its all gone !” ? … That stuns me.
60 trips to Vegas, including last week I NEVER said that.

Ever notice the excitement on the plane into Harry Reid and the hungover silence on the way back?
Of the 125 people on that plane maybe 5, are winners.
I’m often one of them and when not, its not a gone to the ATM 5 times “Why did I do that ? ” loss.
Some trips I lose a few hundred, some trips I win a few and every 3 to 5 trips
I make a nice win of say $500- $1,500.

Nothing wild, steady. And I NEVER come to town with the INTENTION of losing everything I brought.
That’s a self fulfilling prophecy.

I’ve been self employed my entire adult life. Worked as a teen.
100% commission, own a business. For 36 years.
Family owned business on one side and farmers on the other.
Not a lot of hand outs there. I believe being on commission influenced my attitude about money.
Making it, managing it, saving it and enjoying it.
Thinking about a book on my Vegas Experiences I might use the title of my first blog
( “From $5 chips to $5,000 a night Villas my 25 years in Vegas”)
or … “Playing with money “.
I come to Vegas to play and, I come here to win.
When people ask me if I gamble I say no, I like to win money.
That’s completely different from gambling. Gamblers love the thrill of risk, being in action.
I like action, especially when I know what I’m doing.
When I know the game. When I have a strategy and implement it, that’s fun.
If I have a reasonable chance of winning good. If I’m not winning, I stop.
See if I give a casino $20 bucks and they give me back $10,
that’s not fun. If I give them $20 and they give me $40 that’s fun!

Bobby Vegas rule #2, “When you’re winning, stop. When you’re losing Stop.”
( # 3 )“ Its not hard to win, its hard to walk away a winner.”
Take a winning run as far as possible. Once you hit your goal, ( for me 100 to 250%) stop.
Go see a show. Or the pool. Don’t chase losses. Have and build a gambling bank.
Practice money management. Every new sit is a session and every session has win and loss goals .
I do my best to stick to those goals. Some games if I have a 50% loss, I stop.
In VP its tighter. Dead machine ? Walk away. ( Another separate article.)
BTW last week at the Grand, after business with clients, then my MRB coupon / VP run
something exceptional happened.
No Royal but I did hit, no kidding, * 14 * Four of a Kinds in 6 different casino’s in about 18 hours of play.
Photo’s on to prove it. Left town up $1,200.
That was my intention. To win. And I did.


12 four of a kinds in one trip! 

(There is no picture of the 12th one because I wasn’t playing max bet and was mad at myself.)

“Giving Good Gamble” by Bobby Vegas

When demand exceeds supply. Prices go up. Odds get worse. In the world of Vegas casino’s when they are raking in a billion dollars a month things are unlikely to change.

For those advantage players who experienced “ the good old days” that has gotten much, much harder.

I just had another taste of this locally.

I live in NC. The only casino’s are on the far side of the state. It takes as long to drive there as to fly to Vegas. With very limited opportunity.

Nearby a Caesars Casino opened this summer in Danville, Va. 90 minutes away .
For now a semi permanent tent in a parking lot.

But being the only casino in 200 hundred miles I went to check it out 2 weeks after opening.

We’re talking a seriously captive market. They knew it and took maximum advantage of it.
Table games at $200. Roulette $50 and Video poker ? 6/5 Jacks or better ? Yikes. I was there maybe 20 minutes and left the marks who were cramming in to give them their money.

Fast forward this weekend a few months later. I’m driving through Danville. The parking lots are half full compared to before. It was reasonably full for a Friday night but it looked like the early adopters had been fleeced, cleaned out or just had enough of 92% Video Poker and $200 BJ.

I look at one part of a parlay that I know was -12 on the Caesars site and.. what !!! its -17.5!

Wait a minute so I check the Superbowl futures that I follow knowing Dallas is at +900 and what ! ? !
its +500 ? ! ? ! I mean that’s insane. Extra 45% edge ? I walked out . Angry. Not a Caesars fan anyways.

This to me is not a winning long term strategy to, as Benny Binion would say “ Give good gamble “.
It’s a quarter by quarter corporate strategy for maximum rake and burn.

And this is the problem in Vegas today. Covid bled the Corporations badly but when people started coming back in droves they were making more than ever. And with less services like Buffets, less employees and generally more profit and heck lets throw in Triple Zero Roulette I mean why not ?

It’s going to be a challenge for this trend to reverse but there are a few things we have in our favor.

One is competition.
In Vegas I can drive out to Rainbow and play 100% + games and be richly rewarded for it.
Or up to Red Rocks. I can work Fremont St. And the more they build, the more choice I have where we will see at least a better chance for some to Give Good Gamble.
Knowing WHAT to play, HOW to play becomes paramount and when to hold, fold or walk away. Finally MRB coupon strategies and every other advantage are more important than ever. I’m still in. You ?

“Friends don’t let friends play Triple Zero Roulette” by Bobby Vegas

Though Roulette is considered a fools game in the world of Advantage play its centuries long allure is undeniable.

Whether its James Bond cavalierly tossing planks like candy, the Euro trash dispassionately tossing daddy’s money away at Monte Carlo, or the Wynn, or just your average Vegas $1,000 till its gone Joe, many have succumbed to its allure.

First off, its fun. Second once you get the hang of it well its fun.. if you like throwing your money away

And the casino’s love the 20% + average hold even more than the 5.2% edge.

But, as is the case with Casino’s a 5+% edge just wasn’t enough was it ?

No and on top of that as most casual Roulette players don’t know the edge from well, a hole in the ground where, ( as John Prine once sang ) “ … all the money goes”,

Corporate came up with a brilliant idea…” Yeah ! Lets add anutha numbah !!! ‘ yeah !!”

And better yet lets not make it obvious there is even another number on the wheel ! Yeah !

Since there already is the dreaded 0 and 00 ( and though I just consider them another number on the wheel many people always moan when they come up as they probably weren’t playing them ) Corporate decided to add TRIPLE ZERO as the new number !! yeahh !!

And then being the sligh and crafty bastids they are they didn’t label it 000 oh no that would be way too obvious that they had now increased the house edge to almost 8% my god no..

No instead they decided to add the Casino’s SYMBOL on the top of the layout and on the wheel so its the Golden Nugget or Wynn or Whatever.

So the unsuspecting player who thinks they are playing double zero are playing Triple Zero and watch the money just slide away down the catch hole” where all the money goes”.

So I’m at the Wynn talking to my old dealer buddy and he is often manning the Roulette wheel Center Court and its a $50 game and the players are just shoveling the money and as we are talking I suddenly realize its Triple Zero !! At a $50 table !

That means the edge is costing almost $4.00 a spin !!!

I look at my bud and comment and he just shrugs and shakes his head toward the players oblivious to the carny game they are playing with such relish..

Frankly this corporate greed just pissed me off so if you find stickers appearing around town or Bobby Vegas t shirts that say “ Friends don’t let Friends play Triple Zero Roulette “ well, cheer me on.

I wonder if the how the Gaming Commission allows such a brazen poorly defined variance on a well known game with the player none the wiser? Hmmm… I’m going to look into that.

“A whale of a story ” by Bobby Vegas

We gamblers and advantage players. We’re complicated.

We’re smart, obsessive and we make great stories. The greatest of all was Kerry Packer.

I know the irony a coupon scuffling lets get it for free guy like me is fascinated by the biggest whale is well goofy but the question remains what can we learn from them ?

When Kerry’s father died in 1974 he inherited a $100 million Australian Media and Casino empire.
He was apparently dyslexic, a poor student in some ways and clearly brilliant in others.
When Kerry died 30 years later ? $6.5 Billion.

He was the biggest player that Vegas, London and other casino’s ever saw.

He could win or lose millions and even tens of millions in a single trip and he did. Often.
$20 M credit line, card counter , understood variance and was willing to work through it.
And tipping? A George like no other.

My two favorite stories center around this. If you are a George with billions you are still a George. But if you are an asshole with money, you’re still an asshole.

Here’s a partial list of his gaming accomplishments and busts

One run down the Strip Kerry won $20 Million from 4 “joints” then $13 more at another.

First 8 figure loss in one sitting and biggest loss in UK history
Crockfords UK 11 Million Pounds.

Bankrupted Aspinall Casino UK in May 1990

Lost $ 33.3 Million @ Bellagio

Broke & closed the Desert Inn LV for $52 million when after losing $8 M before the casino demanded he pay in cash so when he won he demanded cash as well. ( DEKE IS THIS TRUE?)

3 / 31 92 up $9 Million. Caesars reports 50% drop in quarterly profits. Then lost it back the next day.

After winning $26.2 million @ MGM and tipping the dealers pool $250,000
Key Casino Exec Larry Woolf is forced to resign to tell Packer he was banned.

And these are the best. In two interactions with waitresses he paid off their mortgages for $130,00 and $150,00.

He had multiple health problems and after being successfully transported for a heart condition to the hospital in time he tipped all 3 drivers $1 million. Each.

Then there is the ( double oxymoron ) obnoxious Texan at a high stakes poker tournament at Stratosphere making too much noise. Kerry asks him to tone it down and Texas blurts out ,

“Who are you ? ! I’m worth ( differing account say 60, or 90 ) $100 Million dollars!

What do you think a that ?”

and Kerry responds,

“( If you shut up ) I’ll flip you for it”..

Apparently Texas was All Hat and no Cattle and did just that.

Kerry was a George and we loved him for all he did.

Compliments to my Editor Deke Castleman Author of ( and check out )
“ Whale Hunt in the desert’ available here at Huntington Press


I’ve been to Vegas something like 60 times,

And I’m going to reveal to you right now for free no strings my friends the


here it is…. DRINK





You’re in the desert kids, The humidity is under 10% and even when its not the middle of summer and 110 ( Yeah its dry heat, so is an oven ) you are literally evaporating as we speak

Dehydrating at a rapid rate. Grab A large ice cold WATER, not a Coke, not a G and T, Rum and whatever or Jaeger shots no, WATER. You can have the others but alternate with .. “What?”
WATER ! Right ! Winner winner ice water with dinner

I drink at least 64 ounces a day in chilled glass bottles. In Vegas try for double. 8 x 16 +

And that has a lot to do why I look 55 and I’m on social security so thats all I’ll say and I didn’t take it early.

You’re even dehydrating on the plane. Ask for a can of water. 16 ounces. A whole can. Say please. And a cup with ice Eat the ice. 4 Ounces

Grab or bring a large container and fill it a the airport bottle refill station .
Hey your even helping the planet all those plastic bottles ? not good

Take every offer for water, twice. Fill your ice bucket in your room and let it melt. Drink when u get up and go pee I know I will dont you?

I know what dehydration feels like in Vegas, and what happens is alcohol and soda dehydrate you.
you feel good for maybe 36 hours then bam hit the wall. wake up and a train ran you over.

I’ve been to the emergency room in Vegas, twice.
Once for blood sugar when a pit boss at the Wynn had a Dr check up on me in my room. She was well I was married at the time so I gave her some sugar free chocolates to thank her and we really wanted to date. Damn.
she said, “We were worrried. when you left you looked bad and you were winning so we knew you were sick. “ That’s the Wynn . Love it.

I’ve also had a couple other “ experiences “ in Vegas which shows I’ve been there way too much

including being to the emergency room twice
I’ve seen it snow twice’
I;ve been pulled over twice ( stone cold sober but just having too much fun playing ZZ Top at full blast and rocketing down Koval behind the Hilton the officer said “ just get some rest . Yes sir. )

Oh and I’ve been propositioned twice, before breakfast ( Ellis Island and MGM “ she said” ever heard of the chicken ranch” ) so take it from me you want to keep having a good time DRINK, A LOT< OF WATER

“Book the Superbowl NOW” by Bobby Vegas

First there is the Superbowl, simply one of the greatest sports, cultural and marketing spectacles ever.

Then there is experiencing the Superbowl in Vegas. Sports betting to the moon.

Celebrities. Whales. Celebrity whales. Best of the best getting down.
Awesome Parties everywhere. Prices through the roof.

THEN there is Experiencing the Super Bowl, actually happening in Vegas, at Allegiant.

Crazy crazy crazy. Kind of like chugging 3 Red Bulls, partaking in some legal weed and marrying a stripper at the Little Chapel after winning the lottery.

Well okay maybe not like that. I never said I.. and she said… never mind.

Anyways I have been working on my third Vegas Corporate Hosting Event since our /my Villa/Lakeside success at Encore last year,( see my first article ), and my plan, since last year, was simple.
Get in early,
Spread the Benjamins and lock it the f**k down..
So far I’m good.

Owners Suite @ Stadium Swim for 25. Check. $20K
Spreading the Benjamins.. Check.
Working my host contacts and
Hotels locked at a good rate. Check. Check.

Party & dinner spaces reserved..working on it.
Spreading more Benjamins.. Check. Check.

Now its your turn. I know I know I should have told you all earlier. My bad.

I made arrangements to be first in line to grab an Owner’s Suite at Stadium Swim @ Circa in January.
That’s 13 months before the game, and been planning it since last year.
I mean since we can’t afford to be at Allegiant the tickets @ Allegiant, ( the most expensive NFL Stadium in the USA ), being insane, and
I would need 25 tickets so that’s not happening, unless I had another $100K or
rob Bellagio like in Oceans whatever…
Nope. Its Stadium Swim’s giant 40 x 143 ft screen.
A crowd of pumped up super sports bettors and fans,
this was the next best thing.

A suite for 25..for $20,000. Expensive? Nahhh.

Working with my host we got it for the same price as the Superbowl last year.
The other Owner’s Suite? Went for $30,000 a week later.
Saved my client $10 K and we’re still 6 months from the game.

Now I’m dealing with securing rooms for 25 people.
And that’s why I say

That is if you can even get a room rate.
Many places are not even revealing rates yet.
Work your host contacts. Not comped?
Just getting a room or reasonable rate would be great.

And buy your plane tickets NOW.
Try to fly in Thursday and leave Tuesday. Not Friday. Especially not Monday.

Folks Superbowl in Vegas is legendary and this one is going in the books.

I’ll be there. With my cadre of clients and friends. Will you?
We’ll try to keep it under $60,000 for 25 but it might be tough…
Yes that’s another Bobby Vegas 5 figure value play.


One the season starts all bets are well ON…

“The Art of Complaining” by Bobby Vegas

Our lesson today is on maximizing a less than ideal situation to your advantage.

It could be a car rental, hotel res, food service or other part of your Vegas trip.

1) Ask nice.

( Jean Scott used this recently when asking for extra comped rooms )

Post Covid exacerbated employee shortages, though my example was before then it’s still relevant..

So.. I check in @ Paris on the Strip and hike to my room .

Entering it seems okay and I unpack and am ready to get something to eat.

And, I can’t close the door.

The battery on the electronic pad has died and I can neither lock the door or fully close it.

This means I can’t leave, nothing in the room will be safe.

I also consider moving to another room but I’d already unpacked everything for a multi day stay including clothes, work stuff, toiletries and a CPAP machine.

And of course that would have most likely involved going back down to the labrynthine front desk which was now most likely crowded.

( Later I would stay in higher quality, ( Wynn, etc. ) or boutique Resorts ( Downtown Grand ) where either the Customer Service was much higher or everything was much closer and a call gets answered Faster).

Calling the front desk they apologize and assure me Engineering will “be right up”.

And I wait. And wait. And wait.

I call back @ 20 minutes.. Still waiting. I call back at 45 minutes starting to get pissed.

Wonder why besides bad VP I don’t like Giant Strip resorts ?

I’m Type 2 Diabetic and really need to eat something to raise my blood sugar so this was not just an inconvenience it was becoming a minor medical issue. I considered asking for a room service meal comp right then.
( I now always carry at least two power bars ).

At close to an hour and fifteen Engineering shows up and fixes the door

After eating I call the Front Desk and ask for a Customer Service Manager.

Explaining what happened, that my time lost was a valuable part of my stay and there was a medical component and voila, A $50 FB credit on my account ! This was when $50 could cover two meals including their at the time lovely buffet.

Now I can assure you there are times where this doesn’t happen and I left with a less than satisfactory response. And never return.

Important points:

One Ask politely for someone that can provide a resolution. A manager not the front desk.

Two Express your problem succinctly and are asking for a specific response. Be nice.

Screaming does not make the other person more receptive, often the opposite. Be clear about what happened and if you know what you want ask for it, but in a negotiation its always good to let the other person offer first.

And have a good trip !

“Learning to win, learning to lose” by Bobby Vegas

Your goal today, is what happens in Vegas,
doesn’t all stay in Vegas. Take some home with you.

Bobby Vegas rule # 3

Its not hard to win, its hard to walk away a winner.

My good friend Mr H, calls on a Friday afternoon from Vegas.
We’ve been buds for 20 years and will be in Vegas next week.
Mr H is a stone cold black chip card counting mf and good at it.

Phone rings,
“Bobby I’m having the run of my life.”
“Great! How much?”
“ I’m up $13,000. “
“ Excellent! Where are you?”
“Planet Hollywood.”
“Okay listen, go over to Flamingo and turn into the office park past
Buca di Beppe on the left. There’s a Wells Fargo that’s still open.
What did you start with ? “
“ 2”
“Okay so hold 3. Get a cashier’s check for $10 Grand.
There’s a Fed Ex on the corner. Overnight the $10 K back home”

“But Bobby..”
“ Listen H, its only Friday, its a long weekend”
“Bobby I’ve got it covered”
“ Listen H..”
“ Bobby, its okay…..”

Sigh. 2 hours later.. I get another call…uh oh.

“Hey Bob, so.. uhm….”
Cringing, swearing to myself
“What happened?”
“Well, I decided to play craps at MGM

“You don’t play craps!”
“I know, I know and I had a few drinks.”
“ How many?”
“ 3. Doubles”
“How much?”
“5. I lost 5. ( thousand )
“ So H, those 3 drinks, they cost about $1700 each.

“Yeah, yeah, I know..”

Btw he did leave town with the $8K.
Went to shows and dinner, hung out at the pool.
Its not hard to win, its hard to walk away a winner.

You’re up, the rush well, you crushed it and feel invincible and want more !
Take the run but once you hit goal or past and this is VERY difficult,
Stop when it turns on you so you don’t give it all back.

High fives, tipping like a whale, drinks in hand and 22 ? 7 out ?!
Yes, you’re human and the odds just said, “ Hello”.

Learn to win and not give it all back.

Learn to lose and not chase it. Kenny Rogers anyone?
When to fold ‘em and when to walk away.

I accept that as much as I play, and there are trips I play 20, 30, 40 hours
the house edge is coming because TIME is your enemy.

Avail yourself of a city with literally endless opportunities.
An Adult Disneyland people. You want comedy? Shooting machine guns,
Girls, ( or Boys ) or racing cars, world class shopping or
tipping mostly naked beautiful women ( or men ) or jumping off buildings? Got it.
Experience the best food on the planet or seeing Adelle, Sting, Lionel Ritchie,
the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Cirque or Bruno Mars enjoy yourself!
And take some money home. Thank me later.
Better yet buy a t shirt @ Bobby

“Finding a winning machine and limiting losses” by Bobby Vegas

Trick question. How do you win on a negative expectation game ? Easy !
Only play it when its in positive territory !

I want you to know what might, and I reiterate might happen in the next 10 minutes or maybe an hour, by constant B/E tracking.

Probability states over time the edge will take over. For the house that’s all that matters. TIME is your enemy. The longer you play the more you’ll lose.

The key advantage is finding when any game favors you, run that and limit your losses.

Starting out in Vegas I found I had a low tolerance for losing. That’s served me well.

Chatting with an old timer I commented I was only breaking even.

He stopped and stared at me and said,

”You’re playing a lot? And breaking even?”

“Yes “

“In that case you’re winning because in Vegas breaking even IS winning.”

What was I doing? Scouting winning machines. How ?

I’d start by playing a machine left with a winning hand. Then I’d buy in, run it through once and if I was ahead by even 2 or 5 % or B/E I’d keep playing.
First $20 then $50 then $100.

If I had 6 similar VP machines I’d play the last winner first. Then try all 6.

When it got cold, I’d stop. Example 9/6 Jacks or Better runs back and forth saving you on that second pair 2 for one payout.

Sometimes the machine’s running cold at 98% or less. Other times 102% or more.

Looking for those hot runs whether it lasts 10, 20 or 100 spins. Anecdotally I’d found I was on too something. Once I found a hot machine I’d play it, for hours if it allowed.

Next trip that machine was gone. When the house realized it they’d pull it. Whatever it was it sure wasn’t winning for them.

Lets look at your needs playing 1, 2, 3 or 6 hours. Are you ideally concerned what the machine is going to do over 100,000 spins? I’m not.

Yes I play as tight a game as possible but I lose as little as possible and increase my chance of winning IN THE SHORT TERM.

If you’re playing a positive expectation game, have an unlimited bankroll and perfect strategy then bless your fortitude and patience.

I want to know what might, and I reiterate might happen in the next 10 minutes or maybe an hour, by constant B/E tracking.

And I use every advantage to Play on their Time and their Dime.

Coupons to scout the best machines and best offers. Free play, come back offers, contests and match plays to play where you have an edge.

Yes you’ll run through them and be on your own so use them to give you as much advantage as possible.

That’s why I was more a JOB or now DB / DDB FP player than DW.
DW variance is a killer.

Try it. Limit your losses. Let your winnings run.

Last trip I hit 12 four of a kinds in 5 casinos. Photo’s on my website

That’s the heart of scuffling.

"Fremont coupon run" Part 1 by Bobby Vegas

Prepping for the fabulous Fremont Coupon Run.

Scufflers, advantage Couponers… sharpen your …oh heck, no one uses pencils anymore.

This will be a multi part presentation consisting of :

The 6 P’s.

Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

( Actually that is a guiding principle to every great Gaming trip.)

And our 8 tools.

Then we will review exactly where to go and what to do

and give you my personal Gives Good Gamble awards for best Fremont Casino.


Lets talk about our 8 tools.

#1 LVA’s Member Rewards Book or MRB

#2 and other coupons ACG, etc.

# 3 (very strong shout out VIP tool while you play and do a run )

# 4 swag bag ( like Zack G in Hangover..” It’s satchel” )

#5 Your bank, cash no cards.

# 6 Jean Scott’s “Frugal Poker Video Scouting Guide”

#7 pocket notebook and pen ( pick more up on the way)

#8 Good shoes.

We will chart our trip as we can start from either end ( The Plaza or El Cortez ) of Fremont.

I prefer starting at the Plaza and ending at El C and you’ll see why.

#1 The MRB. For years I would tear out the Vegas coupon Section of the American Casino guide
and grumble as the MRB’s slim profile was so easy to slip in a pocket.
Since ACG printed is no more LVA’s MRB is our big play.

I also am putting in a shout out to
( whenever I have a question about a game I can’t answer like strategy,
Michael “The Shack” Shackleford is king. )

Oh, and having absolutely nothing to do with Gaming but irrelevant asssociation trivia
Shackleford is also the name of my favorite sea shelling beach here in NC
Shackleford Banks, Barrier Island National Seashore home to 100 wild horses
and Black Beards ship..

Also always sign up at Casino websites BEFORE you go on your trip,
at least 2 to 4 weeks ahead.
Sign up for a slot card if allowed, and their newsletter.
Then you may very well stumble upon special events, slot and VP tournaments
and point promos during your stay. Huge adder.

Now that it’s the end of the year those coupons are expiring so let use ‘em!

Why is an MRB or other coupon important ?
Time is money. And time is most often your enemy when gaming so
PLAY ON THEIR DIME as much as possible

What is a coupon ? … It’s Money in another form. Until you cash it. Then.. it’s your money.

Why do we do this? Well for me it’s fun. It’s gaming the game. It’s tilting the odds it’s
getting as much good gamble out of my time and like when I was a kid and we would go to the Dutchess County Fair and other venues I love a trip down the midway. especially
when I am tilting the odds in my favor.

Next the Coupon run

and Gives Good Gamble awards

stay tuned

"Fremont coupon run" Part 2 by Bobby Vegas

There are more opportunties than I can list here but this is my best shot.

This Is the official expanded version on

Best monthly report by you wins a Bobby Vegas T shirt !

* Use
to find the location of the best VP at each casino

I strongly encourage you to implement your Free Play first.
Run it through 9/6 JOB, cash out ( EV $9.95 / Typical $9.75 )
Then use that money to fund or partially fund your match play !

Suggest Craps Pass line for Match Play but any even money bet pays
like Roulette just your odds are best as a Pass Line or Don’t Pass Crap bet

There’s $50 minimum in Free Play here
( that can win up to $1,180 in Free Play ! )
And minimum $240 Match plays

So lets go on a Fremont Run !

Starting at

Plaza signup Free Play $5 -$50
$10 Match Play
Plaza LVA MRB $10 Free Play
$25 Match Play
Use both Free Plays. Good VP like 96JOB
Then use the cash for the $10 Match Play.
If you win use the $25.

Plaza also has single zero roulette and 3:2 BJ
LVA MRB option Bingo xtra pack

$10 Entry Slot Tourney $750 Split Total prizes to top 5
You can play every day
Wed/Thurs/Fri @10am/12pm/2pm/4pm up to 4 entries

There are coupons for 20% off Pop up Pizza

Golden Gate LVA MRB $25 Match Play
( I am not using the LVA MRB $5 -$100 coupon as it requires points play and there are not
decent VP ( Best BP 99.17 ) to play so unless you are willing to play
a negative expectation VP or Slots pass )

( LVA MRB coupon 2 -1 BJ )
You should receive some sign up bonus ( and mo’ly )if you have never signed up.

Next is..
Circa come back late for Legacy Club free Champagne for 2

and btw they have a dsiplay of 1,000 ounces of Circa Sunshine Mine
Gold Bars thats very cool
and the 60th floor view is amazing,
Also 8 East is simply one of the next Asian restaurants period.

Circa is loud, cool, not great games, check out the amazing sports book

behind Circa…
is California
excellent VP and Craps
see Craps Roller Hall of Fame Between
California and Main Street Skyway 2nd floor.
This is a Boyd Casino and I generally am not playing in Boyd anymore
due to their radically reduced points and customer service pretty much known
to all locals now.
( note that Main St. and Fremont are both Boyd Casino’s too )

back to Fremont St
Binion’s Million Dollar display is back ! Free photo
Free spin for coupons at door

Binions 2 for one Binion’s Cafe great burger and other sandwiches
or 25% off at their classic Steakhouse

Golden Nugget , great place, cool, great Pool
crummy gaming like Triple Zero Roulette but for newbies
$5 to $1000 sign up Free Play

Next my 2nd Favorite Four Queens, cool old school
4 stars **** Gives Good Gamble
Also one of the only Casino’s that has no resort fee

Four Queens also owns Binions so points and discounts are applicable at both.

Four Queens LVA MRB $10 Free Play
great VP ( 100.17 DB or JOB 96 both near promotions booth)

Many great earnings options like:

Earn 500 points earn $30 in cash and $30 in comps.

Use JOB or DDB to make it Positive EV
for either but a little easier to win on 96 JOB over FP DDB

Next is a fun slot tourney which only requires 50 points for New players
and 100 Points for Older and you win up to $100 Free Play


2 for one at Magnolia’s MRB

Club 55 gives 10% off on any restaurant in either casino see

as well as a two for one a Magnolia’s on your birthday
and you’ll have a lot of comps trust me.

I just really like Four Queens overall.

Drumroll please…..

Downtown Grand 5 Star **** Gives Good Gamble Top award

There are almost too many things to list here

Dig this there are 5 match plays, though one you get when you check in

They have $1 Bj and $5 Craps.

If you do stay here call in and ask for Jennifer and use the awesome
LVA MRB coupon for up to 5 nights no resort fee.

Once you have played and come back you can also get Host rates and
reduced resort fees.
The rooms are Hilton Quality at great rates. Nice pool.
Parking is free for players and guests right across the street.

Also a hint if you are staying this property is generally quieter being a block away from Fremont
but in the summer, weekends be aware that DJ Music from the pool or Oasis next door can be a bit loud so ask at the desk.
I prefer the Casino Tower for the wonderful ease of step out of my room and taking the elevator down in under 100 steps.
But if you dont mind a walk across a skyway their Gallery Tower is quiter and less expensive.

I stay here, play here, am comped here, and eat and win here.

The Downtown Grand really is grand.

back to coupons
New Sign up $10 Free Play
This will be from the Instant Millionare drawing I believe
You can also earn Daily Dough
New sign ups receive a $50 Match Play

Note You can only use one or 2 Match plays per day. You have up to 5.

Come back for a meal like excellent Prime Rib @ Freedom Beat
( easy peasey $15 with just 25 points earned )
You get this printed out at the promo booth self serve Kiosk and it can also be used for
several other excellent meals including an excellent full breakfast half off ( only $6.50 !)
chicken dinner and others.
Say hello to Alyssa

There is an off menu Apple Crumb ala mode too.

Also if you come back for another day for using your match plays

try the $20 Lunch special @ Triple George or
Triple George dinner use the LVA MRB $25 off $100

back to coupons
LVA MRB $ 5-$50 Match Play ( do $50)
LVA MRB $50 Match Play
American Casino Guide $50 Match Play
Hotel check in $50 Match Play


Tuesday Wednesday Several different Slot Tourney’s

Thursday BJ and VP Tournaments.
You’ll see Anthony Curtis at the BJ Tourney Thursday
and often Andrew playing that or the VP Tourney

Check out the DDB VP Progressive at Furnace Bar – Positive EV @ $1944 *
That is calculated on the top Royal line.
There are also Progressive Bonuses for Four of a Kind and Four of a Kind with a kicker
which raises the return every additional $100 on these line progressives so if those
are over $500 this will add to lowering the Positive EV below $1944

I have hit the 4oaK and 4oaK with a Kicker a lot but still waiting on my Royal !

Food specials at Furnace Bar ( drinks comped for $20 in VP or any game )

Bar – Joe special $ 3.50 Evan Williams Bourbon and Pabst Blue Ribbion
$ 2.00 dogs
Pizza Rock is excellent
Or Hogs n heifers bar?
or Mob Museum $ 4 off ( cool speakeasy bar )
They also have opened a Caesars Sports book very cozy if you want a
living room man cave vibe rather than monster Sports Books @ Circa, etc.

Back to Fremont Casino
$2 shrimp cocktail Lanai Express
check out the new Fremont food court
Donuts, Steak n Shake, Huey Magoo’s, Rolie Roti, and Tomo Noodles.

The D

( I am not using the LVA MRB $5 -$100 coupon as
it requires points play and there are not
decent VP ( Best BP 99.17 ) to play so unless you are willing to play a negative expectation VP or Slots pass )

People love the upstairs bar which can be via the outside escalator accessed from Fremont
There are some very popular Mechanical Race Horse games, a Circa Sports book, Bar Canada
the Bacon Restaurant, Keno parlour and more

Hungry for a snack? Use your 2 for 1 Coney dog LVA MRB Downstairs

onto El Cortez
passing great pizza spots, Zipline, bars.

At this point you have probably run into all the craziness that makes Fremont well Fremont
including mostly naked women or showgirls who will pose with you with or without whips,
Chippendales for the ladies, a hoard of souvenir shops, music playing on multiple stages
the amazing over head monster LED display, some Cannabis shops, numerous excessive
drinks you can buy and well anything you can think of. Its Fremont St 24 / 7

And still you havent hit White Castle or so much more..

okay we are wandering down a block or two to the old classic

El Cortez

$10 – $100 Free Play
Sign ups offers, match play, free drink, $5 off for Siegel;s, etc
I was a big fan, stayed here for quiet awhile ( on the 2nd floor where I could
walk down their classic red carpeted winding staircase right into the casino

but alas mostly the good VP is gone.

Still real coin VP in the front and back room behind Siegels
Wild Double Wheel Roulette with 1400 to 1 ( high edge)

I am a big fan of Siegels , love the food especially on Wed senior 50% off
Try the Matzo ball soup, half roast chicken
or use your 2 for 1 LVA MRB

So folks that’s it but hey if you are dressed decent ( there is a dress code)
go back to Circa late for Legacy Club free Champagne for 2 LVA MRB
great view, 1000 ounces of gold and free champagne what a way to end the day !

Legacy Club™

Final EV… $244
( opportunity $325 – $1,520 )

How did you do?

Best monthly win gets a free Bobby Vegas T shirt !

Email me and post in comments


"Fontainebleau review" by Bobby Vegas

Vpfree2 asked me to scout Fontainebleau and this is an informal review and comments.

Overall a step above Resorts World,
( too expensive period I mean $18 to self park ? )and Virgin missteps.
( lesson in how to turn Rehab into BORING) but..

in terms of style FB is way cool.
And unique.
And I didn’t run out screaming I stayed 3 hours and played so thats a good thing.
Table games were $25 which for a reasonoably busy Thursday night opening I thought was quite ..reasonable.

From an LVA perspective?

Andrew will love it. And his gf.

Oh and they aren’t charging for self parking yet so thats a plus. No guarantees on that front the voice mail says 3 hours free self park for locals and 1 hour for us touristas but for now .. fweeee! ( then $15 +)

Good morning its 1am at Fontainebleau open maybe 30 hours.

Open but a few rough edges but hey it only took what 18 years ?

I was excited when vpfree2 asked me to scout The Big Blue and I did go last night, well really this morning between midnight and 3am.

Number one wear your best Gucci or Versace.. oops! I don’t have any

And I enjoyed FB.
The theme is big red roses. Lots of beautiful young people.
A few older rich guys.
And Bobby.

Several instagram places set up to pose or Vogue as Madonna would sing but that really betrays my age..oops, again.

Cool, light colors a huge flowing high ceilinged main casino that wanders around aimlessly but is really unique and … gorgeous. Really.

At least they didn’t screw the pooch like Revill in Atlantic City with the whole wandering flowing I’m how do I get out of here lost thing.

Back to FB
Almost everyone is young and gorgeous or wants to be.

Except me who purposely wore a hippie t shirt.

Even the “food court” was gorgeous yes I said gorgeous four times on purpose.. well it is.

Even the food court really should be called something more like ” le garden” it was so..never mind..though only Miami pizza was open after midnight and the line was long, and all the people were young and got it.

Good ‘za,
though a coke and a slice was $14. Still the pepperoni was cupped and he asked if I wanted honey on it …?!

On a slice of pepperoni ‘za ? Okay..

And when it comes out of the oven the guy is using a small paint brush to dust off the flour ?
It was like applying makeup to a celebrity pizza before its close up …
to my mouth.
On a slice of pepperoni?
Okay why not ..interesting..could of used some red pepper.

Good ‘za, not gorgeous but good.

I like Pizza Rock and Pop Up but hey,
I’m a simple guy okay ?

Really REALLY Beautiful room ( casino), unique in design
I went in grumbling and stayed several hours and played.

And I am not a strip mega Aria type guy.

It was full of beautiful young people all of whom are beautiful and rich and cavalier or doing a damn good job pretending.( more likely?)

As for vp scouting
I realized I wasn’t really equipped to administratively handle reporting.

I did take 30 pictures of pay tables.
Nothing approaching good on first glance and not a lot of VP anyways slots being the rule of the day.
I dont really want to call those Transformer sized mind melting money sucking machines “slots” anyways.
More like billsuckers? Wallet drainers?
Give me a minute I’ll come up with a better name.

There is not a lot of video poker maybe

4 (to 6?) banks each with 4 to 6 machines.

Nothing surprisngly bad well at $.10 & $.25 bad of course but I haven’t calc’d all the tables yet.

To get into into even reasonably decent crummy returns you have to jump to $2 & $5 and if I want that high roller strip action I’ll go hang in the high limit room at Wynn for $5. 96job.

I stil love the Wynn.

My old school is showing.

So go.

Be beautiful no sorry gorgeous spend as Bruno Mars says in 24K Magic ( my fave over Uptown Funk any day)
” Spend your money like it don’t …”
and then I lose it cause I’m dancing with some gorgeous young ..

Just go..



"The Greatest Coupon I Never Used" by Bobby Vegas

In Vegas, there is literally a coupon for everything.

Meanwhile, it’s been a great week for this scuffler.

I just discovered the hilarious Kristen Bell movie Queenpin, about two extreme couponers who sell stolen coupons on the web and make millions. Okay, they go to jail but still … they totally capture the couponer zeitgeist.

Of course, this is the kind of thing that drives Anthony crazy and “ruins it for the rest of us.” Agreed.

Last year, there was one example of this where a bar released a coupon that was too good to be true. Anthony warned them it would be a problem and sadly, it’s not always fun being right.

Still, Queenpin is a very fun movie with the ever-perky Kristen Bell and a small part for Vince Vaughan.

Bringing it back around to Vegas, some buds were there for CES. One called, then said he’d get back to me after dinner; they were eating at some Gordon Ramsey place. I knew I wouldn’t hear from them again, being their big night in Vegas. I did receive a “Sorry, I’ll text you later.”

I replied, “Everyone’s drunk or getting there, you’re trying to decide what strip club to go to, and you’ve lost your buy in twice at the tables. It’s okay, John — you’re in Vegas. Enjoy yourself.”

I was, not surprisingly, right on all fronts.

But things really took off when his buddy’s wife said, “Let’s go see some titties.”

Why couldn’t I have married a girl like that? You’ll find out in a hot minute.

Did you know lap dances at Sapphire are now like $300 for 15-20 minutes? Well, John boy paid for three. No wonder Vegas is making so much money.

That reminds me of one of my only other strip club stories. I am not a strip club guy, but a client demanded I take him to Spearmint Rhino. There, he proceeded to tell the girls he was a plastic surgeon from New York City, thinking of relocating to Vegas. He had a lot of interesting “interactions” with the ladies, asking him to evaluate their boob jobs.

And this, in a way, brings me back to the greatest coupon I never used.

It was years ago and I saved it, but couldn’t find it when I was writing this post. I know it wasn’t from the Member Rewards Book. It might’ve been from American Casino Guide. Wherever it came from, it was for a free lap dance! No kidding.

I just love the absurdity of asking some lovely for a lap dance and handing her a coupon! OMG!

And that’s the beauty of … Well, there are many things about this concept that are beautiful. But really, if you look hard enough, in Vegas there’s a coupon for everything. is proud to announce

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